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This Guide is valid for Tosca 13.0


  1. Clean Install Tosca Server
    --> a clean installed Tosca Server is recommended.
    --> The default port for HTTPS is 443 (but you can use a different one if you need to). 
  2. Setup IIS Server on HTTPS
    --> It is recommended to use a proper Hostname!

  3. Make sure that your SSL Certificate fullfills our Security Requirements 
    --> We do not officially support Self-Signed Certificates !



  1. Install your Certificate(s) under Personal. Note however that the corresponding CA certificate (certificate authority) must be installed under Trusted Root Authorities.

  2. Configure Tricentis Service Configuration
    Insert your Certificate Thumbprint to the following Services:
    - Service Discovery 
    - Project Service 
    - Authentication Service

    Make sure that your Certificate Store Location is correct!

    Also, in Authentication Service tab enter the hostname in the Hostname textbox.

  3. Click on Save for each Service
    Click on NO on the prompted message.
    Close Tricentis Service Configuration

    ! Important ! If your Certificate Thumbprint has whitespaces, you also need to insert them here !

  4. Verify Service Configration Setup
    Go to your Tosca Server Installation Directory:
    Default Path --> C:\Program Files (x86)\TRICENTIS\Tosca Server

    Open up the appsettings.json file for the following Services:
    - AuthenticationService 
    - MigrationService 
    - ProjectService 
    - ServiceDiscovery 
    - ToscaAdministrationConsole 

    Verify if everything is set here on HTTPS and that your Hostname of your IIS Binding is correct :

    !! Important !! 
    You need to make sure that the Certificate Location and Thumbprint are displayed correctly here !

    In the appsettings.json of the AdministrationConsole, you will also find a parameter called BaseUrl, which be default is set to localhost. Enter the hostname (without port) there.
  5. Restart your Tosca Server
    Open up your CMD as administrator and type in:
  6. Restart Tosca Services 
    open the application "Services.msc"
    The following steps need to be done in order!
    1. Search for Tricentis.ProjectService
      Stop this Service
    2. Search for Tricentis.AuthenticationService
      Stop this Service
    3. Search for Tricentis.ServiceDiscovery
      Stop this Service

      Start now the Services in the opposite order:
      - Tricentis.ServiceDiscovery
      - Tricentis.AuthenticationService
      - Tricentis.ProjectService

You may try now to steer the Administration Console



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Bilal Ahmed

Created: 2020-03-20 09:14:58

Step 2 : Hostname -->Can the hostname be anything  or it should be the name provided in the certificate?
Step 4 : Please provide screenshot for each of the services
- AuthenticationService 
- MigrationService 
- ProjectService 
- ServiceDiscovery 
- ToscaAdministrationConsole