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Convert Date Format

Converting Date Format in Tosca Commander 


I want to convert a date format in Tosca Commander.



For this example we will take the date 2015-28-02 and convert it to the format dd/MM/yyyy


Step 1: Buffer your original date in Tosca. In this example we will buffer the date 2015-28-02 and we will name the buffer FirstDateBuffer

Step 2: In your test case add the “TBox Set Buffer” module as a teststep.

Step 3: Pick a name for the buffer for your new date. For the value enter


This will take the first date and convert it to the dd/MM/yyyy format. If you want to convert to a different format just replace that section with the desired format.


Step 4: If you run this you will probably get an error about 2015-28-02 not being recognized as a date format. To fix this, select the testcase where the conversion is taking place then select "Test configurations”. Right click and create a test configuration parameter, name it ToscaDateFormat and set the value to the format of the first date, so in our example yyyy-dd-MM



Link to the date and time formats:

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Aasiya Shaikh

Created: 2020-05-29 12:13:04 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2020-05-29 12:15:02

Please let me know how can I convert a string "20171222" into date and then into a specific format.

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Abhijeet Yadav

Created: 2020-08-27 08:18:23

Hi Aasiya,

You can keep the ToscaDate Format = yyyyMMdd and use the Date function to convert to any date format which is  required.



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Kashish Kumar

Created: 2021-04-29 08:54:25

Can anyone help me with the below problem?

The date being entered in a field is in dd/MM/yyyy. I am trying to buffer the value as the requirement is to verify the date is same but it exists in yyyy-MM-dd format on the other page. I tried buffering the value using TBoxBuffer {DATE[{B[StartDate]}][][yyyy-MM-dd]} and gave "ToscaDateFormat in TCP with value as "dd/MM/yyyy"", since this is initial value. After running it I get "The value '29.04.2021' can not be interpreted as date" while entering the value but if I change the format in TCP it fails while taking the buffer with same error but date format as "dd/MM/yyyy" 

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Michelle Kuijt

Created: 2021-04-30 12:17:57

I also encountered this problem. I had to buffer the value as a "string" instead of a "date", after that it worked. I hope it helps.