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Boolean Operators
OR or vertical bar symbol (|)
Finds a match if either the terms exist in a document (a union using sets).
Finds a match if both terms exist in a document (an intersection of sets).
NOT, minus (-), or exclamation point (!)
Excludes documents that contain the term after NOT (a difference of sets).
Asterisk (*)
The asterisk symbol performs a multi character wildcard search.
Percent sign (%)
The percent sign performs a single character wildcard search.
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Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase with multiple terms.
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Alternatives to Recovery Scenarios When Using Conditional Loops

I saw on this page about Recovery Scenarios that they will not work inside of a conditional statement. Due to the nature of our application, we are using a lot of While loops and If Then statements which renders Recovery Scenarios useless to us if they don't work when getting a failure inside a loop. Are there any alternatives that would replay a test case if there was a failure in a conditional loop?  


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