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TOSCA 12.3 not identifying web elements in Demo Web Shop

I am trying to learn the TOSCA tool anad have 12.3 on my laptop.

In the lesson 1 of Automation Specialist 1, you ask us to "Select  on Screen" and select web elements like Email, Password, Remember me and Forgot Password? elements. But when I try to do this and hover on Email or Password, the whoel body is getting highlighted and not the specific web element. Has anyone run into this issue?

More so  when I moved frther up this video on the "Identify by Anchor", I again ran into trouble where UL element was not identified as unique by anchor.

1. I selected elements like Books, Computers etc  and increased the filter to expand the controls.
2. I clicked on Identify by Anchor and dragged and dropped the UL element in the Anchor Control Space. But after this, the element is still not identified as Unique

I have uninstalled and reinstalled 12.3 using the below incident and also tried Internet explorer11 and Google Chrome 78.

Inspite of this, the problem persists. My colleagies who are on 12.1 have had none of these problems.



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David Hämmerle

Created: 2019-11-12 13:17:27

Hello Abhishek,

regarding "Select on Screen", that usually happens when the Zoom settings are not aligned correctly. Please check in the Windows Display settings as well as in the browser settings that the Zoom is set to 100%. After changing the values you might have to log off and log on again before the changes take effect.

In order for "Identify by Anchor" to work correctly, check first if the UL element itself is uniquely identified. If it isn't then it cannot be used as an Anchor for identification. Then you should use another, unique control as an anchor.

Kind regards,

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Abhishek Pawar

Created: 2019-11-12 14:10:12

Hi David,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

1. Issue still persists even though Chrome is at 100%. Issue persists for IE also but it is workable. I mean to say atleast I am able to select the Email element albeit it is located above the field. Attached screenshot for your reference.  I am fine with this now I guess as we have a workaround say zooming the browser to 90%. But since I have just started learning, I am afraid such problems wiwll will occur in the future also. Tricentis should fix this as rookies will start with the Demo Web Shop site as suggested in the training videos.

2. You are right. UL element itself is not recognizzed as unique. So how do we get around this to learnn and go ahead with the training. I am sure this module will be asked to use in the later part of the videos. I would miss out on this.





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