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ReExecution of failed Test cases


I have an execution list (in DEX environment) of around 500 test cases and when i run the list, some of them fails due to environmental issues (not necessarily valaidtion failure but issues like Syncronization etc and when we rerun they work fine), currently for the failed test cases i have two options - 1. re run the entire execution list which takes a lot of time again and 2. Copy the failed test cases into a separate execution list and run them separately. This causes us to work on the reports manually.

So is there a way that i can pick only failed test cases and run in the same execution list without creating a new one and do not cause passed test cases to run again ?

Thanks in advance for help,


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Many Kasiriha

Created: 2020-02-06 12:36:59

Hi Imtiyaz,

we have a similar challenge in our project.
So far, we only found a very "ugly" way to solve this, which also requires some manual actions.
1) Create a new Test Manadate in the Execution Section
2) Checkout your original Execution List
3) Drag&Drop all the failed test cases from the Execution List to the Test Mandate
4) Execute the Test Mandate

The results from the Test Mandate will be written back to the full execution list.
But like I said - it is an ugly approach. In the long term, it will create a spidernet of Test Mandates and Executions Lists for every release.

The other possibility would be to use the Recovery mechanism in TOSCA - to re-execute failed test cases directly.
However, this will be done directly during the initial test run. It is not possible to trigger that manually after the initial test run.
I would be interested in the "official" solution provided by Tricentis.

I know that other Open Source Tools like the Robot Framework provide very simple solutions for re-running failed test cases. So I'm surprised why it is so tricky to do that in TOSCA.


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