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Common issues with Administration Console and how to resolve them

this article is valid for Tosca version 12.3 - 13.1




One of the services fails during setup

Possible solutions:

- run as administrator

- start services.msc to open the Services Manager and select the corresponding service. Change the user from LocalSystem to the currently logged in user during the setup and click on "Retry". You can also try other suggestions from stackoverflow.

- check if the runtime is properly installed (is the following folder available "C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App\2.2.3"? If not, install the runtime manually)

- check the logs of the corresponding service and windows EventViewer logs. It might give you some hints on what else has gone wrong



in all cases please carefully review appsettings.json for the following services:

  •  AuthenticationService 
  •  MigrationService 
  •  ProjectService 
  •  ServiceDiscovery 
  •  ToscaAdministrationConsole 



You are not able to bind the certificate in IIS because it's not available from the SSL Certificate drop-down (Step 2 of the preparations section KB0015030)

Possible solutions:

Certificate requirements are not met. Verify ALL requirements: SSL Certificate requirments, especially the following:

  •  The certificate needs to be under Local Computer\Personal\Certificates certificate store for IIS to use it.
  •  The root certificate for the Certificate Authority needs to be in Local Computer\Trusted Root Certification Authorities.
  •  SSL certificate is missing the private key

source: IIS forum:



ClientSecrets from the appsettings.jsons of AuthenticationService and ServiceDiscovery are missing. As a result AuthenticationService is unable to start:

Possible solutions:

Do not unselect the checkbox "Open ServiceConfigurator" after setup is finished.

If someone already skipped this step i would recommend to copy the secrets manually, reinstall, or starting from Tosca 13.0 you can simply open ServiceConfiguration.exe at least once to generate the secrets automatically!



Unable to add thumprint in ServiceConfiguration.exe. Error: "Please enter a valid certificate"

Possible solutions:

- certificate location/store field in ServiceConfiguration needs to be changed to reflect the correct location

- thumprint has a typo or is invalid

- invisible character is being inserted in the field as a result of copy/paste from Microsoft Management Console (MMC). See if the message disappears if you click on the begging of the thumbprint and press DEL at least two times.

source: KB0014983



Error: while doing the requested operation for project "<project name>". undefined

Possible solutions:

- check the configurations

- If you see the following failed request in browser console:

PUT http://localhost:81/AdministrationConsole/api/projects 405 (Method Not Allowed)

Disable WebDAV Publishing in IIS or remove webDav module and handler by adding the following snippet to the AdminConsole web.config

    <remove name="WebDAVModule" />
    <remove name="WebDAV" />

source: stackoverflow



Firefox shows the certificate as invalid and not trusted. Hence you are not redirected to the AuthenticationService and AdminConsole page stays blank

Possible solutions:

go to "about:config" in FF, set "security.enterprise_roots.enabled" to "true" and refresh your browser



AdminConsole page stays blank only in Chrome

- Check the browser dev console. If you see the following:

 The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at https://<yourhostname.domain>:5000/.well-known/openid-configuration (“connect-src”).

Most probably the access to the page is blocked by CORS policy.

Possible solutions:

Open the web.config file of AdminConsole. Add a more flexibile origin in the Content-Security-Policy header to frame-src and connect-src using wildcards e.g. **




Missing Icons in the Tosca Server landing page and all over the other components in Internet Explorer

Possible solutions:

- select Settings -> Compatibility View -> "Display intranet pages in comp. view"

- try other doc. modes (F12 -> Emulation -> Document Mode).



AdminConsole is stuck at verifying Tosca installation.

Possible solutions:

-  Check the browser dev console. If the following request returns an 500 Internal Server Error:  https://<hostname>/AdministrationConsole/api/projects/IsCommanderAvailable than you probably have to install Tosca Commander client of the same version as your Tosca Server.

- ClientSecret from AuthenticationService appsetting.json is not matching with the one from ServiceDiscovery appsetting.json

-  Make sure that the BaseUrl in C:\Program Files (x86)\TRICENTIS\Tosca Server\ToscaAdministrationConsole\appsettings.json is set to a valid DNS alternative name (hostname, hostname.domain).



Tosca Server landing page works fine but when you navigate to AdminConsole you get the following error:

Possible solutions:

- ToscaCommanderClient of the same version as ToscaServer is not installed on the machine (missing assemblies)

- machine is slow - Services hosted in iis start earlier than the windows services (ServiceDiscovery, Auth, Project). In this case, simple iisreset helps after all windows services are up and running. (You can simply reproduce this issue e.g. by restating your machine and preventing servicediscovery from starting. After startup navigate to the admin console to see the error.)

- wrong configuration, verify especially the appsetting.json of MigrationService and AdminConsole.

- check if the runtime is properly installed