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Cannot find ToscaAutomationService in the Service Manager or Services tab in Task Manager

This article describes the steps to follow when you cannot find the TOSCAAutomationService in the Windows Services manager or the Services tab in Task Manager.


Suppose you are facing some issues with Tosca Commander, and you repair it. After repairing, you cannot work with the commander as the ToscaAutomationService service seems to be missing. This means that the Service got corrupted and deleted/uninstalled on its own. 




You will have to reinstall the service from CMD. We can do that by re-installing the Automation Service by using the windows service installer installutil.exe and then start it by using net start command.

1. Run CMD as an administrator.

2. Navigate to the Microsoft.NET folder containing installutil.exe (for .NET 4 , the folder path will look similar to C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319 for example)

3. The service you need to install to get the ToscaAutomationService back is the Tricentis.Automation.RelayService located in the path C:\Program Files (x86)\TRICENTIS\Tosca Testsuite\TBox\Tricentis.Automation.RelayService.exe

The command to install the service is as shown below:


installutil.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\TRICENTIS\Tosca Testsuite\TBox\Tricentis.Automation.RelayService.exe"


Attaching a screenshot of how it looks like when you re-install the service.



4. After the service is installed, you need to run the net start command as below:


net start ToscaAutomationservice



After this, you will find the service up and running in the Windows Services Manager again.



Hope this article helps. If you face any issues with this, please get in touch with the Tricentis Support team. Thank you.

2 0

Marcus Schuller

Created: 2020-05-29 07:51:16

Yes, it helped me. Thank you.

1 0

Jonathan Morar

Created: 2020-05-29 17:42:20

Worked perfect thanks!


0 0

Vinit Agrawal

Created: 2020-05-30 19:17:11

Hi Team,

Getting below error in CMD:


"An exception occurred during the Install phase.
System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\TRICENTIS\Tosca Testsuite\TBox\Tricentis.Automation.RelayService.InstallState' is denied."

Please help with this for better reference find the attachment


Vinit Agrawal



Rahul Shyamal

2020-06-08 08:26:19

Hi Vinit,

Please make sure you start cmd as an Admin(Right click-> Run as administrator).
If that also does not solve the issue, then your user does not have access to the folder Tricentis.Automation.RelayService. Please talk to your IT team about it.



0 0

Ana Gaina

Created: 2020-06-14 22:34:25

I can not write the right command as after I run CMD as administator the comand appear on the sceen as follow "C:Windows\system32> " .

Because of the system32 I can not navigate to Microsoft.NET  I get an error message as Microsoft.NET is not recognized.

I didn't realized that I have system 32.


1 0

Vivek Kumar

Created: 2020-06-20 16:17:57

The above solution worked for me.


0 0


Created: 2020-07-29 10:14:20

Thanks you. This solution worked for me.

0 0

khalid ksouri

Created: 2020-07-29 11:32:14

thank you

0 0

Matus Lajda

Created: 2020-07-31 12:17:14

thanks, works now


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