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Run the ToscaWorkspaceCompactor.exe from Commandline



By default, Tosca Commander will compact your workspace every time it is closed. If you need this done for a service account that is not typically opened manually, such as the for the workspace configured with DEX AOS, you can run this using the ToscaWorkspaceCompactor.exe located in %COMMANDER_HOME% directory.



The ToscaWorkspaceCompactor.exe has the following command line arguments that you will need:


-d  or -database

This determines the path to the local repository .db file that holds the copy of the Tosca Workspace objects on the local machine. This is not to be confused with the common repository. For example, using the project named <Project>:


-d "C:\Tosca_Projects\Tosca_Workspaces\<Project>\Repository\<Project>.db"


-n or -notifications

This parameter is a boolean flag to set whether or not their is a desktop notification for when the compact task has started. This parameter is optional and defaults to false. Example:


[-n true|false]


An example of the full command is as follows:


C:\Program Files (x86)\TRICENTIS\Tosca Testsuite\ToscaCommander>ToscaWorkspaceCompactor.exe -d "C:\Tosca_Projects\Tosca_Workspaces\<Project>\Repository\<Project>.db" -n true