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Getting started with the Neo Engine for Tosca

This article explains how to get started with the Neo Engine for Tricentis Tosca.

Disclaimer: the Neo Engine is only available as a preview out of Tosca for existing Tosca customers and can only be used in conjunction with Tosca 13.2 or higher. The Neo Engine preview is not an official release and therefore there is no Tricentis support offering applicable for the Neo integration. Please contact your Account Manager before using Neo.

Note: The current integration between the Neo Engine and Tricentis Tosca has some known limitations as it is still under development and not a GA release yet. The current limitations are documented in the Getting Started Guide in your neo package download. We will be releasing updates to the Neo Engine for Tricentis Tosca on an ongoing basis. Please make sure you check back and download the latest neo package as linked below.

Getting access to the tricentis cloud platform

To work with Neo, your organization will need an account on the Tricentis Cloud Platform. Please contact your Account Manager to request an account for your organization. If your organization already has a Neo enabled account for the Tricentis Cloud Platform, please contact your organization's license administrator. They will need to register and sign up all the users of your organization who will be working with Neo.

Once you've been signed up, you will receive an email from Tricentis with the title “You have been invited to the Tricentis Platform”. Please click on the activation link in the email and activate your account following the steps on the screen.


downloading the necessary Components

1. Download and install  Tricentis Tosca 13.3. If you already have an older Tricentis Tosca version installed, uninstall the older version first.

2. Download the latest NEO TBoxEngine-13.3.80 and run the Neo-TBox installer for 13.3 (NeoTBoxEngine.msi).

3. When the installer is finished, leave the "Start and configure the Neo Executor agent" checkbox checked. Click "Finish". This will start the Neo Executor agent.

4. You will be asked to log in. Use your organization's name as the account name, then enter your email and the password you set for the Tricentis Cloud Platform. After logging in, you should see a windows notification saying your agent is now running in the background.


You can find a guide with all details around how to use NEO in the NeoTBoxEngine Download linked above.

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Md Rahman

Created: 2020-07-28 20:01:42

i am not able to run the neo executor , getting an error message. 



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