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LiveCompare Playbook

The objective of this playbook is to provide guidance with common LiveCompare tasks. The playbook references the installation manual, YouTube tutorials, & best practices from the field.

Table of contents:



SAP Transports

Intended for SAP Basis Administrators who are responsible for the installation of SAP transports and administration of SAP systems.

SAP Account

Intended for SAP Security Administrators and/or those who create SAP Accounts & Assign Roles. 

Web Server

Windows System Administrator 

  1. Installs LiveCompare on physical or virtual server machine
  2. Confirms that client machines can access LiveCompare from a web browser

Admin Tasks

Create LiveCompare Users

LiveCompare is a role-based application, which means that the role assigned to your user ID determines which features of the product are available. LiveCompare supports the following roles: Consumers & Editors.

Set up email

This supports email notification when Apps complete. You can also share App results using the send email icon.


Create SAP RFC Destinations

RFC Destinations store the connection parameters that allow LiveCompare to connect to your SAP systems.

Test Repository

Test Repositories allow LiveCompare to connect to Tosca & qTest as well as HP ALM, Microsoft Azure DevOps & Worksoft Certify.

Transport Management Tools

LiveCompare can connect to transport management tools, like SAP Solution Manager ChaRM.


Performance History Data (PHD)

Collect PHD. "Three options" video.

Object Link Cache (OLC)

Create OLC.

Daily Usage Audit (DUA)

Collect DUA data

Intermediate Documents (IDocs)

Collect used IDocs.

Test Repository

Create Test Repository Cache (CTRC)

Generate Insight Data

Generate Insight Data for Pilots. There's not a lot of data to drive meaningful Smart Insights during pilots - run this template to generate some.

Developer Impact Analysis

Run "Initialize Task Store" to populate DIA's Data Store before the first run. The template is located in Data/Templates/Impact Analysis.

Run, Consume, Champion

Intelligent Test Selection

  • Smart Impact: "Identify Most-at-risk Capabilities"
  • Developer Impact Analysis: "Automated IA supporting Workbench Transports"
    • Run, Consume, Champion
    • Manual
  • Authorization Note Impact: "AUTHORITY-CHECK OBJECT IA"
    • Run, Consume, Champion
    • Manual
  • Heal Tests: "Tosca Modules/Tests with broken screens"
  • Smart Insight: "Trend Analysis"
  • Test Audit: "Pass, fail, not run status of Most-at-risk capabilities"

Other DevOps Deliverables

  • Code Quality
    • Run, Consume, Champion
    • Manual
  • Release Assurance
    • Run, Consume, Champion
    • Manual


  • All things S/4HANA
  • LiveCompare "Studio" Training Course for LiveCompare Editors