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Announcement about TDM Studio deprecated version and End of Life dates

Announcement about TDM Studio deprecated versions and End of Life dates 

Tricentis TDM Studio deprecated versions and End of Life dates 

Key Terms 

  • Deprecated: As a step toward removing a feature or product component, we will no longer provide customer or technical support, such as bug fixes.  

  • End of Life: A feature or product component is in the end of its life. We intend to stop selling, supporting, maintaining or sustaining it in favor of recently developed and improved functionality. 

Deprecations and End of Life Dates by Feature Version 

  • TDM Studio 12.013.0 - Released: Oct 2018 until Oct 2019 - Deprecated: Oct 2021 until Oct 2022 - End of Life: 31. Dec 2023 

  • TDM Studio 13.1 - Released: Jan 2020 - Deprecated: N/A - End of Life: 31. Dec 2023 


Tricentis has announced, that TDM Studio versions 13.1 and earlier will reach their End of Life on 31 December 2023. 


What does this mean? 

Tricentis will not sell, support or sustain TDM Studio beyond its End of Life date (refer to the dates above for more details). TDM Studio can still be used and will be supported until then. 

Does this affect Test Data Service or other Tosca components/products? 

No, this does not affect Test Data Service (TDS), which provides ways to share and consume test data from Tosca test cases. Nor does it affect DI (Data Integration) testing or other Tosca components. 

Why is Tricentis announcing TDM Studio End of life?  

After investigation, market research, and collecting customer feedback, we have decided to put TDM Studio to its End of Life at the date mentioned above.

How long can I continue using it and what is the general outlook? 

The date mentioned above is still some years ahead, in which TDM Studio can still be used. It will continue to work, licensing will remain available and support in troubleshooting will be provided for critical issues. 

In the meantime, we’re working on a successor in the cloud platform. More information on that will be made available.

I’m not using TDM Studio yet, but want to use it now or in the future? (How) can I do that? 

In general this can be possible, but be aware of the End of Life situation, though. Contact your local Tricentis sales representative or CSM. 

What will happen if I try to use the product after the End of Life date? 

Upon the End of Life date, TDM Studio versions 13.1 and earlier will no longer be supported products. Continued use of the product might be possible, but will not be supported or maintained by Tricentis beyond that date. 

What should I do if I need more information? 

Should you have any further questions, please contact your local Tricentis sales representative.  

In addition, for technical assistance and information, please visit the Tricentis Support portal: (“Support Portal”).