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Error "Category >PL< is not implemented or there is a syntax error in >PL[xyz]<"

How to resolve the error "Category >PL< is not implemented or there is a syntax error in >PL[xyz]<!" Situation You are trying to execute a TestCase that contains reusable TestStepBlock references, but receive the following error: "Category >PL& [...]
Number KB0013535
Topic Knowledge Base
Category Troubleshooting
State Draft

Tricentis Tosca Best Practices - General Best Practices

 The following best practices provide general guidelines on how to work with Tricentis Tosca. To see an overview of all best practices, head on over to our introduction article. You will also find the best practices in a PDF version at the bottom of this page.   1. Us [...]
Number KB0014209
Topic Knowledge Base
Category Best Practice
State Approval

Best Practice: Upgrade Tosca or Tosca Server Version

This article describes where to find information when upgrading to a new version of Tosca or Tricentis Tosca Server. Before you start with the upgrade process to a new version of Tricentis Tosca or the Tricentis Tosca Server, please consult the Tosca Upgrade Manuals. The [...]
Number KB0010926
Topic Knowledge Base
Category Best Practice
State Published
Published 2015-11-02

Steering HTML Date Pickers / Calendars without customization

This article explains how to dynamically steer custom HTML Date Pickers (Calendars) using standard Tosca functionalities. We will be using the YUI Simple Calendar for our example but the same concepts can be applied to any HTML Date Picker control. Situation HTML Date Pickers [...]
Number KB0012504
Topic Knowledge Base
Category Guide
State Published
Published 2019-06-13

Working with Big Repositories in Tosca

Find a some useful tips in working with your repository Situation / Introduction Tosca works fine and allows laziness in building up the test repository as long as it does not reach a certain size and keeps nice and small. But after years of working and many people involv [...]
Number KB0012199
Topic Knowledge Base
Category Best Practice
State Technical Review
Published 2015-11-30
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Release Notes 8.2.0

KEY FEATURESTosca Commander - new GUIIn this version, Tosca Commander has been redesigned and the icons have been renewed. The setting LookAndFeel allows you to choose between two different Tosca Commander skins.Tosca Commander - Reusable TestStepBlocksSome useful features have b [...]
Author Can Tom Özdogan
Category Software Testing
Published 2014-04-30

Business parameters - reusable teststep block

I am trying to use business parameters in reusable teststep block and on running the script, I am encountering an error. Can someone guide me to understand where am I going wrong? Error 20000 Category &amp;gt;PL&amp;lt; is not implemented or there is a syntax error in &amp;gt;PL[AccessLabel [...]
Author Vinaykumar Gotur
Category Developers
Published 2017-06-29

Show testcase structure scratchbook and executionlist after execution

There are two examples I&amp;#39;d like to adres: 1) We invest a lot of time in developing a structure in our testcases to make them easy to understand. We do this by using&amp;nbsp;Folders. We&amp;nbsp;create folders in folders and sometimes a tree of folders is the result that provides th [...]
Author Maarten Eykelhoff
Category Developers
Published 2016-05-31
Tosca Version
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Reusable TestStepBlocks

Reusable TestStepBlocks Reusable TestStepBlocks contain TestSteps that can be reused in multiple TestCases, so you don't have to redo your work. You can create and manage Resusable TestStepBlocks by using TestStepLibraries (see chapter &quot;Use TestStepLibraries&quot;). Properties Descrip [...]
Version 12.3

Use TestStepLibraries

Use TestStepLibraries TestStepLibraries allow you to centrally manage TestSteps, XTestSteps, and sequences of TestSteps that you want to reuse in multiple TestCases. You can only have one TestStepLibrary per TestCase folder. TestStepLibraries are made up of Reuseable TestStepBloc [...]
Version 12.3

Dynamic menu - TestCases

Dynamic menu - TestCases This dynamic menu includes options that can be selected within the TestCases section in Tosca Commander. The Create Folder option in the dynamic menu TestCases provides the following options: Menu options for Create Folder in the dynamic menu TestCases Op [...]
Version 12.3

Creating TestSteps using Fuzzy Search

Creating TestSteps using Fuzzy Search The Tosca Fuzzy Search function enables you to search for Modules, XModules and Reusable TestStepBlocks to create new TestSteps. Launching the Fuzzy Search function The Fuzzy Search function can be used with the following objects: TestCases F [...]
Version 12.3

Work with execution results

Work with execution results Once you have run your ExecutionLists, you can analyze and process the results of your tests. ExecutionList Insurance app tests after execution In addition to your folder structure, ExecutionLists typically contain the following objects: Object Descrip [...]
Version 12.3

Use repository values

Use repository values Values from the TDM repository are read by using attribute names along with the following dynamic expression. Syntax: {TD[&lt;Attributeidentification&gt;]} The following types are supported for identifying attributes: Syntax: &lt;ObjectName&gt;.&lt;AttributeName&gt; &lt;ObjectNa [...]
Version 12.3

Combining TestCase templates with data sources

Combining TestCase templates with data sources Once a TestCase is changed into a template, you can link the TestSteps from the automated TestCase to the test data in the template. The TestStepValues are thus linked with the attribute values of the data source. A path is entered [...]
Version 12.3

List of object icons

List of object icons Use the chart below as a quick reference for icons used in Tosca Commander. Icons in Tosca Commander TestCases TestCase folder TestCase Business TestCase TestStep folder TestStep, XTestStep Manual TestStep TestCase Templates, Business TestCase Templates Temp [...]
Version 12.3

Execute mixed tests

Execute mixed tests Mixed tests are tests that contain elements you created with Engines 3.0 and elements you created with Classic Engines: a TestCase with Engines 3.0 TestSteps and Classic TestSteps an ExecutionList with ExecutionEntries created from Engines 3.0 TestCases and Ex [...]
Version 12.3

Process non sequenced messages

Process non sequenced messages The scenario includes a definition in which sequence the messages are received. The second message must be received before the third message so that the algorithm is able to detect and map it accordingly (see chapter &quot;Ways to design your Scenario&quot;). [...]
Version 12.3

Options - General

Options - General You can specify various settings in the General section of the Options dialog. You can find the settings described below under Project -&gt; Options -&gt; General. Options - General Minimize on Execution/Scan Minimizes Tosca Commander™ while TestCases are executed or [...]
Version 12.3

Simple Search

Simple Search Enable the simple search function via the Simple Search button. In addition, settings and modify options can be shown by clicking on the button left of Settings and Modify. Search function with all options enabled Search field Enter the search term into this field. [...]
Version 12.3

Specify properties

Specify properties All objects in Tosca Commander™ have properties (see chapter &quot;Scan result&quot;), which are found in the properties pane on the right side of the workspace window. This pane is collapsed by default. To expand it, click on the Properties button on the top right corne [...]
Version 12.3

Static menus

Static menus The Tricentis Tosca Commander user interface contains several static menus that allow you to perform various actions within your workspace. These static menus are always available, unlike the dynamic menus which appear only when you select specific objects. This cha [...]
Version 12.3
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Use Tricentis Tosca TestCases in RPA Studio

Use Tricentis Tosca TestCases in RPA Studio You can turn Tricentis Tosca TestCases into RPA Studio Bots. This is only possible for TestCases that you created with the Tricentis Tosca Engines 3.0 listed in the system requirements. TestCases vs. Bots Not every TestCase makes a via [...]
Version 1.2
Tosca Version
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Translation Class Members

 Translation Class Members TBox API Documentation Translation Class Members Properties Collapse All Expand All Members Options: Show All Members Options: Filtered Include Inherited Members Include Protected Members Tricentis.AutomationBase Assembly Tricentis.Automation.Localiza [...]
Version 12.3
Type TBox API

Translation Class Properties

 Translation Class Properties TBox API Documentation Translation Class Properties Collapse All Expand All Members Options: Show All Members Options: Filtered Include Inherited Members Include Protected Members Tricentis.AutomationBase Assembly Tricentis.Automation.Localization.A [...]
Version 12.3
Type TBox API

ReusableTestStepBlockDeleted Property

 ReusableTestStepBlockDeleted Property TBox API Documentation ReusableTestStepBlockDeleted Property Collapse All Expand All Language Filter: All Language Filter: Multiple Language Filter: Visual Basic Language Filter: Visual Basic (Declaration) Language Filter: C# Visual Basic ( [...]
Version 12.3
Type TBox API

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